Monday, February 25, 2019

Para Mi Amigo Elvis en Venezuela

Trump culo flaco mata America,
Buen Elvis, Buen America,
con un faceo bonito,
nunca sucio o pobre,
ven a America Trump

simplista cinema,
en verdad America mata Elvis,
Y Elvis mata el mundo,
el mundo es frio y no es mi amigo,
pero no enemigo, no amiga,
nuestro morta vien aqui y ahora,
Prison sentencia es vida en infierno,
desde muchos infiernos, escapa nada,
passado presente futura, en vida nada viv,
nada seguro, nada perfecto,
que asi porque vive muerte
Senor Presidente Saludo,
Mueto, JFK CIA generals mata Diem,
novembre 2, 1963, no mas Diem, no mas Vietnam,
novembre 20, 1963, no mas JFK,
el muerte de Diem mato a JFK,

palabras odi un mente de loco basura,
palabras odia un mente de loco basura,
?como vives?

AMERICA un mentira grande, ELVIS bueno,
@NicolasMaduro es bueno,
chupa la pingas de pedofiles,

Lima Grupo hace la trabaja del diablo Trump,
y El ven a Corea del Norte as convienent,
pero no los soldados Americano que morte ueten en francia,
mira la vecha of Trump muy macho,
en temor a las nubes de lluvia, el se escapo,
pregunta Presidente Macron,

Argentina no escucha la sono del infierno,
pero vivanemos eso,
Cuando el Papa habla,
escuchamos nada en particular,
pero ve al infierno muy rapido,
en la guerre sucio bonita,
Bienvenido su vacancia en las Islas Malvinas,
Argentina pendejos?
No otro vez, un otro vez,
apprendemos desde estupidez, no?
desde experencia, observacion, analysis,
si tienes mente  por favor:
no vay desde lo sarten, a en la fuego,

Mira Soldats Americano,
norte desde mexico, sur desde Canada
al borde, para vencer a los ninos y las mujeres,
vuestro ninos y mujeras,
para vencer al viejo el enfermo,
usteds viejo y enfermo,
Nuestra pobre y estúpido,

Trump retorna nostros volver a la inferno,
Pídales a amigos mexicanos,
soñando con Texas,
California, Arizona, Nuevo México,
reconoce de las concesiones de tierras de Nueva España,
los reyes de españa,
alguno gana, alguno perdida,
un temporado en infierno,

El imperialismo Trump no le garantiza nada a Elvis,
Elvis John Lennon Micheal Jackson asesinado.
Entonces, ¿qué te espera? muerte.

Llama me un stupido Elvis pendejo,
dinero es nada en el infierno,
rico, mas rico, pobre, mas pobre,

"vainidad des vanidades"
Tu amigo Elvis siempre.

Para Mi Amigo Elvis en Venezuela
manos fuera de venezuela

¡imperialistas yanquis van a casa!
¡Tu país está siendo asesinado!

Satanás Trump y el diablo son mentirosos

Friday, February 22, 2019


In response to FEB 21, 2019 TruthDig OPINION | TD ORIGINALS The U.S.-Venezuela Aid Convoy Story Is Clearly Bogus, but No One Wants to Say It Another wasted story line by another gullible author asking the wrong questions giving the wrong narrative and referencing the wrong sources when there is a simple answer where even the great Chris Lynn Hedges is in question: America is corrupt criminal regime of the slimmest of facades where Tea Party attacks Obama as a "Socialist" where Nancy Pelosi attacks Bernie Sanders as a social-democrat "socialist" and Trump attacks Maduro (socialist) as a dictator when he Trump dictates there will be a wall even agaisnt the expressed will of Congress, and attacks Rep Alexandria Ocasio Cortez as a "socialist" though in traditional socialism one has a track record a lineage and pedigree, where Lenin was recognized as a revolutionary not just in his own right but because his brother was executed as one of the Narodnik People's Will assassins of Czar Alexander II. Lenin's brother Alexander Ulyanov. "In 1886 he became a member of the "terrorist faction", which was part of the Narodnaya Volya (People's Will) party. He was one of the authors of the party's Marxism-influenced program. Acknowledging the working class as the "nucleus of the Socialist Party", the program affirmed the revolutionary's initiative of fighting autocracy through terrorism." Lenin as his brother were revolutionaries of one sort of another and Lenin struggled as a revolution over 30 years prior to the Russian revolution they did not come as Chris Lynn Hedges did from working at the establishment NY Time Christian Science Monitor nor NPR (once part of the CIA connected Ford Foundation). Today most of society's best and brightest represents connections the elite of society itself they don't go on welfare and work as a waitress like Kathy Boudin nor others, and even then they are subject to question. Where the super majority in West Germany of the SPD and CDU lead in part to the rise of the Baader Meinof RAF group "The emergence of the Grand Coalition between the two main parties, the SPD and CDU, with former Nazi Party member Kurt Georg Kiesinger as chancellor, occurred in 1966" And when they were captured it lead to the creation of super Max Prisons to isolate prisoners while ex-Nazis were rehabilitated by the DOD and CIA that created propaganda programs like Operation Mockingbird so that they could insure the inmates of western capitalism remain dumb as they come. As the world's greatest constitutional dictatorship that has no real basis in reality as it exists based on crooked accounting ENRON and the Big Housing Bubble in what follows Hitler as he sold Volkswagen that were never delivered though they were paid for. In systemic organized theft they rob the world just as one crypto fund after another is being robbed in what was created by the NSA. So why do they lie about Maduro? Two reasons besides the fact that the Trump like the Batista Regime of Casino Capitalism is as crooked as they come: 1. President Maduro allies Venezuela with with Latin America non-aligned countries of the world and Cuba; and less importantly US Capitalism wants to steal some of the richest oil reserves. Though I generally agree with the author because Trump as the Great White As Hole didn't care about the Puerto Rican Victims of Hurricane Maria nor is if Bangladesh is submerged due to climate change he advances. Where US acts of Terrorism were carried out by those Cuban and Venezeluen Gusanos of Miami like Luis Posada Carriles who as a Cuban exile working for the CIA In Venezuela: "Posada quickly rose through the ranks of Venezuelan intelligence. He became head of the service, known as DIGEPOL and later as DISIP, in 1969.[27] The role involved countering various guerrilla movements supported by Cuba, and Posada threw himself into his work with enthusiasm. He invited Orlando Bosch, another Cuban exile who was then on parole from US Federal prison, to join his operations in Venezuela: Bosch accepted his offer in 1974, thereby violating the terms of his parole.[28] Posada was dismissed from the service in 1974 due to ideological differences with the government of Carlos Andrés Pérez". Finally I add I don't feel the Title no own in the bourgeois capitalist media who supports the WORLD'S GREATEST CONSTITUTIONAL DICTATORSHIP POLICE STATE AND GULAG wants to nor can explain why "The U.S.-Venezuela Aid Convoy Story Is Clearly Bogus" Because it hist to close to home as it explains all too much about the Republican and democratic party establishments Trump Clinton Pelosi Clinton Ted Cruz, and why this society pimps drugs, gambling, prostitution, gangsterism, usury but not if you are poor and sanctioned by the Casino Capitalist State of Trump.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

First Venezuela, now Nicaragua?

Americans journalists media and government never seem to connect the stories (as they say connect the dots). I recall John Sinclair during the Vietnam War being sentenced to ten years in prison for possession of two Marijuana cigarettes. Now prominent Democrats and Republicans rush to invest in legal drugs at the same time they prevent the original marketers from legal involvement in the business.

In a country that all too often executes the mentally ill when much of the world does not even for homicide, but where US police have become trigger happy due to US corruption as they shoot people holding cell phone and abuse them in police stations much the US once accused the KGB.

But with Trump failing to expand beyond his fanatical base perhaps the criminals John Bolton Eliot Abrams might like political asylum in the Russia or Ukraine? It is a joke that Trumps fashions his idiot foreign policy arguments from his TV delusions invented by the Australian criminal Rupert Murdoch while concerning himself with Venezuela Syria Iraq Nicaragua Afghanistan where maybe the USA is in need of regime change.

In comment of RT's First Venezuela, now Nicaragua? Bolton says Ortega’s days ‘numbered’ & people ‘will soon be free’

No coincidence there there was no plan.

Saturday, February 16, 2019


President Donald Trump might of suffered the fate of President Diem of South Vietnam who also took U.S. propaganda and policy all too seriously when November 2, 1963 President Kennedy ordered his removal through the assistance of the CIA together with South Vietnamese Generals of the ARVN. As Pres. Diem was a Gun Ho School pre-Vatican Two Catholic, who not only attacked communists but also South Vietnamese Buddhists, thereby fragmenting South Vietnamese support for U.S. Imperialism (in what Ho Chi Minh said was their biggest mistake of the war) he posed a threat.

The United States under President Obama began an assault on the Venezuelan Socialist Unity Party of
Hugo Chavez and Nicolás Maduro. As Venezuela has long been a target as the richest of oil reserves in the world, that brought it under attack because of its oil, Venezuela is now under by the Republicans, as Donald Trump accuses him them of being tyrants and dictators. A dictatorship that allegedly circumvented Congress where the distinction is being that the Venezuelan Supreme Court ruled the Venezuelan Congress to be illegal because the opposition cheated and had the elections there rigged for Uncle Sam.

Based on U.S. imperialism's attacks of slanders presented by both US Democrats and Republicans used to undermine President Maduro;s authority, accusing him of being a tyrant and dictator, that ipso facto undermined by Donald Trump. Because International Imperialism represented by the U.S. Congress world wide could not attack Maduro for the contrived fabricated slanders U.S. Imperialism invented:

While Trump and the Republicans were blatantly doing the very much the same thing.

Yes Donald Trump as he took the liberty of declaring a "national emergency" so as to circumvent Congress on the questions of immigration, a border wall, and passing a budget. Yes he was on the fast track towards becoming a full fledged right wing dictator but with 24 hours it seems all establishment fractions have come to some sort of agreement that he was not to be allowed to take that power from him in absence of March on Washington much like Mussolini's march on Rome that brought Mussolini to power.

It has been said that Bill Kristol (@Billkristol aka Son of William Kristol) of the Inbred Kristol Klan released videos Of Vice President Mike Pence admonishing President Obama on the question of over reach that was raised recently when President Donald Trump declared a "National Emergency on the Southern US borders" to circumvent "Congress" on the issue of "building a wall" (to prevent immigrants from entering "illegally") because Congress passed a budget bill while refusing to support Trump's building of that wall..

But it still remains to be seen what will transpire as it is not as of yet a dead deal with Trump in the White House.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell Tells Congress to Stand Up to President’s Power Grab.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch (the bitch) McConnell castigating President Obama of the rule of law by a President to circumvent Congress in a democracy (though the US is a bipartisan constitutional dictatorship we we allow that to slide for the moment).

Senator Ted Cruz (R-Tx)Tells Republicans in Congress to Stand Up to President Trump’s Power Grab. Declaring a national emergency to build the wall is an abuse of executive authority.

Friday, February 15, 2019


Those who manage and work for Google might not be NAZIS, and to refer to them as using the same manipulative tactics Nazis used might trivialize what occurred in Nazi Germany: But in reality Nazi Germany did not wake up one day in 1932 to become a Nazi state it was a long series of events that began in part under the Social Democrats of the Wiemar Republic in 1919, in what was maintained my successive governments that was inherited by Chancellor Von Hindenburg when he came into office that Hitler came into the government as his Vice-Chancellor to inherit when Chancellor Von Hindenburg died including the military that was once sworn to Kaiser Wilhelm in WWI.

Today Google without consideration perpetuates a long tradition of abuse of in what existed under many companies that no longer exist as they once did (eg Yahoo, Geocities) WHERE ONCE THEY WALK THE EARTH!?

Today the users of Google Plus have been given notice that Google will terminate its Google Plus Services and currently allows their users to down load those posts photos in archive format to their desktops laptops etc. but none the less have not provided for the transfers of all photos and posts to the Google based Blogger acct s. So much for being responsible members of the irresponsible mismanaged Google Corporate team.

I will connect this to my Twitter account & Blogspot Blogger acct

but undoubtedly the American heyday of the internet is over though I was glad to be part of it when it seemingly began in 1988 when I first went online as the geeky libertarian pristine clean waters it was now polluted by the Reactionary Corporate it has become.

As what has become a blessing or a curse.

South Carolina Restaurant Refuses To Serve Black Patrons — Denny’s Redux

South Carolina Restaurant Refuses To Serve Black Patrons — Denny’s Redux
The firestorm over a restaurant's decision to kick out a group of black patrons because a white woman felt "threatened" brings back memories of the 1990s.
By JOE PATRICE Aug 26, 2013 at 3:16 PM

Late last week, Michael Brown and 24 of his friends and family met at a Charleston, South Carolina restaurant for a farewell party for his cousin. After waiting about two hours for a table, a shift manager at the Wild Wing Cafe told the party to leave. Did I mention these folks were black? Oh, well, they were black. And why weren’t they getting seated?

According to the shift manager, it was because a white patron felt “threatened” by the group, and the manager felt obliged to respect this woman’s delusion by keeping the black diners waiting in the lobby before ultimately kicking them out.

Cue the Chief Justice: “Things have changed in the South.”

Seriously though, so far this ordeal has elicited calls for a boycott, but legal action has been mostly overlooked, which is odd since the story brings back memories of one of the biggest discrimination suits of the last 20 years…

All things considered, the manager was very upfront about the discrimination, which is admirable because pretexts are for the weak:

‘She said there’s a situation where one of our customers feels threatened by your party, so she asked us not to seat you in our section, which totally alarmed all of us because we’re sitting there peaceably for two hours,’ Brown explained to WCSC. ‘Obviously, if we were causing any conflict, we would have been ejected out of the place hours before.’

As Brown and the shift manager were talking, a member of his party began videotaping the conversation, which is when the manager became upset and refused to seat the group.

‘I asked her I want to be clear with you,’ Brown told the station. ‘I said so you’re telling me I have to leave. She said I have a right to deny you service. I said so you’re asking me to leave because you’re upset because he was recording you, after we’ve waited for two hours, and after you’ve already pretty much discriminated on us, and she answered yes.’


Legal Podcasts: The Perfect Valentine

Whether you see Valentine’s Day as the most romantic holiday of all time or a glaring reminder of your singleness, legal podcasts are right there with you as the perfect gift for yourself or others.


For the record, this is reason no. 378 why libertarianism makes no sense. The manager invoked her free market right to deny service. When confronted with systemic racial animus, libertarians resort to the canard that, barring any legal Jim Crow barrier (as Richard Epstein notes), free markets will not discriminate. But they do. Like here, where someone actually turned down the business of 25 customers to satisfy 1.

A further-going libertarian might suggest that the correct course is to boycott the establishment to force change. That could shake the shift manager’s corporate overlords into action, because no major company would court an economic and public relations nightmare. A boycott is being threatened via social media in this case. How did the company respond?

WCSC-TV reports that a representative at the chain reached out to Brown to apologize and offer a free meal for the group.


The fact of the matter is that laws need to exist to police discriminatory behavior because the fact that it’s “not rational” fails to solve the problem on its own. Maintaining prejudice is more important to a lot of people than missing out on a few transactions. Enter lawsuits.


Join Us for the NALSC 2019 Annual Conference in Las Vegas March 14-16

The Annual Conference presents an ideal opportunity to network and hear from industry experts.


It took a federal civil right action in the 1990s to address a prior spate of behavior like what happened at the Charleston Wild Wing (not to be confused with Buffalo Wild Wings).[2] Stepping into the WABAC machine and returning to the early 1990s, when the Cyrus family was better known for country music than twerking, another restaurant chain — also headquartered in South Carolina — had a pesky discrimination problem of its own:

In one instance, a black Federal judge from Houston and his wife who had been traveling for 18 hours said they were forced to wait at a Denny’s in Yreka, Calif., for almost an hour as white teen-agers taunted them and referred to them as “niggers.”

In another case, six black Secret Service agents assigned to President Clinton’s detail were refused a table at a Denny’s in Annapolis. Md., while their white Secret Service colleagues were seated and served.

For more than three years Denny’s, a subsidiary of Flagstar Companies of Spartanburg, S.C., has been the target of growing complaints that its restaurants segregated blacks or required them to pre-pay or make various payments not required of white patrons.

Deval Patrick, then with the DOJ, spearheaded federal class-action suits and, as a result, Denny’s ended up settling for $54 million. Today, everyone can enjoy a Moon Over My Hammy regardless of race or creed.

Michael Brown may want to reach out to the DOJ, or at least look into getting an attorney of his own. Social media is a powerful tool for organization, but it can’t replace some good ole fashioned litigation when it comes to getting companies to respect the gravity of their obligations to fellow human beings.

Wild Wing Cafe Kicks Out 25 African Americans After White Customer Felt ‘Threatened’: Report [Huffington Post]
25 African-Americans thrown out of South Carolina restaurant after a white woman complained of feeling ‘threatened’ [Daily Mail]
Denny’s Restaurants to Pay $54 Million in Race Bias Suits [New York Times]

[1] There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch unless you’re nakedly discriminated against first.
[2] Speaking of Buffalo Wild Wings, have you ever wondered why they’re called “BW3” even though there’s obviously only two Ws in the name? Well, it used to be Buffalo Wild Wings & Weck, but they dropped the latter delicacy — which was dumb, because Weck is good.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Syria wants answers from UN over illegal invasions

END US Imperialist Wars stop Raping Allies.
US Imperialist Wars benefit the Imperialist Powers, Not US NATO ALLIES:
US Allies on the front lines suffer for the sake of wars for oil: War in Vietnam, Wars in the Middle East and Turmoil in Venezuela in what is no benefit to Venezuela, Vietnam, or even Israel:

Former Pentagon official Michael Maloof joins In Question to weigh in on Syria calling for the UN to end US strikes and invasions in the country. Maloof discusses what he expects from Syria’s requests, reports of an Israeli drone firing missiles near a demolished hospital, Syria’s options for retaliation and Trump’s withdrawal plan.


Journalist and author Max Blumenthal joins Rick Sanchez to offer his analysis of Venezuela’s political crisis. He says Juan Guaido’s “real constituency is in Washington” and that he’s at the forefront of a years-long destabilization campaign orchestrated by the US. Max Blumenthal: How US trained Juan Guaido for Regime Change