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SCIENCE NEWS December 18, 2006 Italy issues new code to stop ultra-skinny models

SCIENCE NEWS December 18, 2006 Italy issues new code to stop ultra-skinny models Italy issues new code to stop ultra-skinny models A model displays an outfit as part of Versace's Spring/Summer 2007 women's collections during Milan Fashion Week September 29, 2006. Italy's government and its fashion chiefs issued a manifesto on Saturday to crack down on the use of ultra-thin teenagers on the catwalk, requiring models to show proof of their good health or be barred from fashion shows.

REUTERS/Stefano Rellandini ROME, Dec 16 (Reuters Life!) - Italy's government and its fashion chiefs issued a manifesto on Saturday to crack down on the use of ultra-thin teenagers on the catwalk, requiring models to show proof of their good health or be barred from fashion shows. The charter also bans the use of models who are under the age of 16, saying they risk "sending the wrong message to girls of the same age in the delicate pre-puberty stage." The manifesto, which will be officially signed next week, was drawn up as pressure grows on the fashion world to promote healthier looks. Spain barred models below a certain weight from Madrid fashion shows in September. Earlier this month Brazil also launched a campaign to ban underage, underweight models from its catwalks in response to the death of a Brazilian model from complications due to anorexia.

"The government and fashion associations have sealed a strategic partnership to launch a common fight against anorexia," said Youth and Sports Minister Giovanna Melandri. Powerful Milan fashion houses at first resisted calls to follow the Spanish example, with Italian National Fashion Chamber head Mario Boselli saying in September that only "maybe one girl in a hundred" could be defined as too skinny.But Boselli, whose lobby represents big names like Armani, Versace and Prada, later agreed to work with Melandri on a self regulatory code of good practice. The manifesto requires models to produce a health certificate and says those with "apparent eating disorders" will be barred from fashion shows. The criteria used will include the body mass index -- a ratio of weight to height squared. The World Health Organization classifies women with an index of less than 18.5 as underweight.

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Britain is video surveillance capital of the world By Richard Tyler 6 December 2006

Britain is video surveillance capital of the world By Richard Tyler 6 December 2006

National DNA Database

Not only is Britain the world leader in spying on its citizens, the National DNA Database, projected to have 3.7 million profiles by April 2007, is the world’s biggest DNA database.

Some 2 million people are arrested each year in England and Wales. Since the Criminal Justice Act 2003 became law, the police are empowered to record not only the fingerprints of all those arrested, but also to take and keep their DNA samples, regardless of eventual guilt or innocence. Once again, this data is accessible via the Police National Computer.

The National DNA Database was set up in 1995. By 2005, it contained some 3.45 million individual records, or roughly 5.2 percent of the population. If a comparable system existed in America with a similar level of recording, it would contain the DNA of some 15 million individuals.

Professor Alec Jeffreys from the University of Leicester, who pioneered “DNA fingerprinting” in the 1980s, recently told the BBC that the National DNA Database now contained samples from hundreds of thousands of innocent people, and was “skewed socio-economically and ethnically.”

“My view is that it is discriminatory,” Jeffreys stated.
The records contained in the database display a marked racial bias against those from ethnic minorities, with nearly 40 percent of black males and 13 percent of Asian males now being profiled.

The National DNA Database contains information on some 135,000 black males aged 15-34, estimated to be more than three quarters of Britain’s young black population. By contrast, only just over one fifth of young white males’ DNA are recorded on file.

Prompted by widespread concerns at the potential for misuse of such information, the Nuffield Council on Bioethics is presently conducting a study entitled “Forensic use of bioinformation—ethical issues.”

DNA identification is not infallible: As the “Report on the Surveillance Society” notes, “whilst a negative DNA test seems to be a near perfect tool for acquitting the innocent, false negatives being very rare, false positives are surprisingly likely.”

Misidentification is a commonplace in other surveillance systems. Recently, the Criminal Records Bureau, routinely called upon to provide information about those seeking to work with children or vulnerable adults, revealed that 2,700 people had been wrongly identified as having criminal records, possibly costing them their jobs.

Moreover, the Police Inspectorate has noted that 22 percent of records entered into the Police National Computer at force level contained at least one error, even when they had been checked by a supervisor.

The Labour government is pressing ahead with its plans to introduce ID cards, linked to a National Identify Database that can identify every citizen with a unique reference number across multiple data sources—public and private.

The term “dataveillance” has been coined to describe the surveillance of a person’s activities through electronic data. Cross-referenced by an ID number, linked to a massive CCTV network employing face-recognition software and automatic vehicle registration, and by accessing numerous government and private databases, the British state is developing the means to monitor the movement and whereabouts of any individual at any time, virtually at the press of a button.

Prime Minister Tony Blair has defended this Orwellian state of affairs. Writing in the Telegraph at the beginning of November, he insisted, “We need ID cards to secure our borders and ease modern life.”

He continued, “I know this will outrage some people but, in a world in which we daily provide information to a whole host of companies and organisations and willingly carry a variety of cards to identify us, I don’t think the civil liberties argument [against ID cards] carries much weight.”

Such disregard for long-standing legal principles, such as the right to privacy and the presumption of innocence, is no surprise coming from a prime minister whose government has enacted a plethora of anti-democratic legislation under the guise of the “fight against terror.”

The arguments employed by Blair have been regurgitated by Guardian columnist Polly Toynbee, who derided those who oppose such massive state surveillance for indulging in middle class hysteria. Disingenuously claiming that there is really nothing to worry about in the “surveillance society,” Toynbee described opposition to the destruction of civil liberties as “paranoid speculation about imaginary abuses.”

Denouncing those for whom she claimed “liberty is taking priority over equality,” she insinuated that those opposing the erosion of democratic rights were seeking to divert from more pressing issues.

“Why aren’t people as angry about the galloping inequality in living standards?” she asked.

Toynbee is a long-standing defender of the Blair government, whose big business policies are directly responsible for the increase in social inequality.

Her argument not only gives carte blanche to the government for its attack on civil liberties. It also seeks to conceal the fact that this offensive is intimately bound up with “galloping inequality.”

Under conditions in which the mass of the population live in economic insecurity, and in which all the last vestiges of welfare reforms are being dismantled, the British state is resorting to the most repressive measures to deal with the resulting class tensions.

Britain: police given unprecedented arrest and surveillance powers By Chris Marsden 5 January 2006 WSWS

Britain: police given unprecedented arrest and surveillance powers By Chris Marsden 5 January 2006 WSWS

Britain’s Labour government has given police unprecedented powers of arrest for any criminal offence whatsoever, even minor misdemeanours. Civil rights groups have denounced the new law as akin to a police-state measure.

The elimination of the distinction between “arrestable” and “non-arrestable” offences is part of the Serious and Organised Crime Act of 2005 and came into effect January 1.

Previously police only had the power to arrest those suspected of committing an offence carrying a sentence of at least five years in prison. Now, police are able to hold anyone they suspect of any offence, even something as minor as littering—giving them the power to harass and intimidate virtually at will. Officers will merely have to satisfy themselves of “a person’s involvement or suspected involvement or attempted involvement in the commission of a criminal offence,” and that there are “reasonable grounds for believing that the person’s arrest is necessary.”

Additionally, police are now allowed to photograph suspects on the street where they have been arrested or issued with a fixed penalty notice, rather than taking them back to a police station. This can be used to build up a digital photographic database using the simple expediency of charging someone with a minor violation, or even giving them a fixed penalty notice. The photo can be kept on file even if the person is found not guilty in court. DNA samples and fingerprints can also be kept.

Last year, the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act was used to mount a major attack on freedom of speech, when Maya Evans was convicted for having staged an unauthorised antiwar protest near the Cenotaph war memorial—reading out the names of British soldiers who died in Iraq. The law was described by the Telegraph newspaper as “the biggest expansion in decades of police powers to deprive people of their liberty.”

Opposing the new powers of arrest, Shami Chakrabarti of Liberty said they represented “a fundamental shift” in power from the public to the police and the state. “We don’t need to give the police carte blanche to go around throwing people in cells for things like dropping litter,” she said. “Anyone who gives a bit of backchat now risks being hauled off to a police station. Given the history of powers such as stop and search, there will also be the perception among ethnic minorities that they are being targeted.”

As an example of the police abusing their sweeping powers of arrest, Chakrabarti recalled the ejection from last year’s Labour conference of 82-year-old Walter Wolfgang and his detention under the Terrorism Act. But this is only the most notorious example. In fact, more than 600 people were stopped and questioned under anti-terror legislation during the Labour Party conference. None were charged with any offence, but some were detained for merely wearing anti-Iraq-war T-shirts.

More than 10,000 people were stopped and searched by the Metropolitan Police in just two months following the July 7 terror bombs in London, with no one being arrested or charged for offences related to terrorism, the Guardian has reported. The figure reflect a five-fold increase for white people and a twelve-fold increase for Asian and black people.

Other new powers contained in the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act include allowing the police to apply for “multi-premises” and “all-premises” warrants, repeated entry warrants and for extending the lifetime of warrants from one month to three months.

The sweeping character of the new law again gives the lie to the claim that the ongoing assault on fundamental civil liberties is made necessary by the threat of terrorism. Rather the “fight against terrorism” is one plank of a campaign to instil fear into the population in order to encourage acceptance of ever more draconian powers for the state.

The other plank is provided by claims that crime is out of control and cannot be fought by using what Prime Minister Tony Blair decried as “Dickensian” legislation. Home Office Minister Hazel Blears used the same type of rhetoric in her attempt to justify the new powers of arrest, insisting that they were necessary to create “a modern, efficient police service equipping frontline officers with the tools they need to fight modern crime effectively.”

Whatever excuse is given, the real targets of the repressive measures are the millions of working people who are suffering as a result of the pro-big business agenda of the government and are therefore seen as a growing social and political threat to the ruling elite.

In the run-up to Christmas, the Independent newspaper drew attention to another grave threat to civil liberties that highlights this fact.

Science editor Steve Connor wrote on December 22 that Britain is to become the first country in which the movements of all vehicles are recorded. By March, a new national surveillance system will be set up using a network of thousands of CCTV cameras that will be equipped to automatically read every passing number plate. Records of all 35 million number-plated vehicles travelling on all main roads and motorways will then be held for years on a central database installed alongside the Police National Computer in Hendon, north London.

Connor writes that the scheme, which has never been subject to parliamentary approval, is being “orchestrated by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) and has the full backing of ministers who have sanctioned the spending of £24m this year on equipment.”

More than 50 local authorities have signed agreements allowing the police to convert existing traffic cameras to the new system and agreements are also being brokered with the Highways Agency, supermarkets and petrol station owners. MI5 will also be able to access the data.

British workers suffer the heaviest levels of electronic surveillance in the world. Britain accounts for one fifth of the world’s CCTV cameras, with well over 4 million in operation--one for every 14 people. City residents can expect to be captured on CCTV up to 300 times a day.

"Losers” by Andrew Stergiou

“Losers” by Andrew Stergiou

Some idiot bourgeois middle class piece of filth came on the TV as a 1:15 hour short film, and generally, I would not give a darn, what these people (idiots) say. Hopefully if we ever meet (I have experienced the experience before) they would keep their verbiage of career based ambitions to themselves, since they are to me the most despicable, especially since most of them don’t have the brain write up the deal, or if they do are without the principles of a leech.

It was an inspiring moment of hate and hatred they started harping by use of a few words, which constitute favorite pet peeves of mine. On one hand, the author, who got started talking about country club snobs, but on the other hand seems to believe that some people are “losers”, and talk about what constitutes a “loser”, as if that opinion is a reality beyond the confines of their own thinking merely shows his own ignorance and what a sick bastard he is.

For the record:

First: Anyone who believes, there is such a thing as a “loser”
Second: Anyone who throws a round the “loser” label
Third: Anyone who believes diligent hard working people can be really “losers”.
Fourth: The only thing needed for success is the recognition of a salary, by what pays the bills, in a manner keeping up with the Jones.

That is what a “loser” is, because it combines the middle class pretensions with ignoble capitalist materialism, after all the western world based on the desirability of some choices over others, but which some cannot accept who they are, as they aspire to success, and fear failure. Shame of where they are, or from they have been, psychological “losers” who cannot live with them selves.
In a pain which manifests in many ways in a suffering they share, but which I find pain in hearing because that is not everybody’s thing.

Those “weird”, “loser” conversations are diseased (as they are) they are the same person, who faithful use the labels of “weird” to describe normally behaving people, adults or juveniles, in a mass produced delusional neurosis of a society dreamed of but which doesn’t exist nor may ever exist.

A society which I add has socially worsened, and became more pervasive in its neurosis, since society has some how since women have entered the market place (not that women should be keep barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen). A society of “losers” projecting insecurities, and fears, that they bounce back and forth, re-enforcing their victims, and the same in their children. As the “sins of the fathers will be visited upon their child unto the fourth and fifth generations.”

Good luck folks, after watching programming like that I need therapy, and do not feel very well. How do I collect “bad” vibes hmm? Hmm, what vibes, I do not know what you are talking about. After all I said I get inspired by means which often can vary that was merely one of them.

By the way, I still have not forgotten a comment I heard the other day in that I stay home so often for two-three weeks at a stretch, “sounds like a personal problem”. Jeez with a messed up society like we have maybe everyone should have “personal problems” such as mean, as I enjoy being home more than when I go out amongst the “weird losers”, their insensitive language and considerations, and foul language, cause when I tell people to “go screw yourself” I mean it, unlike the pretensions of “losers”.

Andrew Stergiou
An "internet pioneer", call me to find out, my passport is ready but who will call? universal copyright (c)2004-2006 Andreaw Stergiou



Where does the reality begin? Something wrong is going on, when mixed messages are received as to what is going out there in society, aka the real world.

On one hand we are presented with images of “Mad Max”, “Road Warrior”, “Escape from New York”, “The crucifixion of Christ”, “Braveheart”, “Harry Potter”, “Dirty Harry”, “The Planet of the Apes”, “Outer Limits”, “Escape From the Planet of the Apes”, “Bronson”, “Death Wish”, 1,2,3,4,5.

We are daily barraged and presented twisted politically conservative visions doom and gloom messages of America, and the World, in arrays from A - Z. That is not to say some of that is not true, but admitted it is grossly taken out of context, when contrasted on a day-to-day basis, of what people expect, and are accustomed.

Is it needless for me to mention that the doom and gloom cinema-graphic school is heavily endowed with conservatives who also want us to indulge in their fantasies of an America that reminds some of “Leave it to Beaver”:

“Plot Summary for "Leave It to Beaver" (1957) The Cleavers are the 1950's 'All-American Family' in this 'feel-good' family sitcom***” (IMDB)

An industry that often glosses over the likes of Stephen Talbot, who graduated from working as a child actor, to a radicalized young man, an American award-winning TV reporter, writer, and producer and TV child actor of the 1950s and 1960s, A filmmaker, and writer of some note.

A career, which began as merely a job for a TV series, for the case, always seems very unrealistic, and baseless, when taken into the context of the full iconography of American cinematography contrasted with films depicting the likes of:

Alien Invasion, The (2004) Invasions barbares, Les (2003) aka "Invasion of the Barbarians" - (English title) Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978), Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956), Caught in the Rapture (2002),

Where “Enemy of the State” (1998) can not be clearly distinguished by average folks from État de siège (1972) Directed by Costa-Gavras,

Where the concept of Psychotronics enters our vocabulary based on Hollywood type low budget movies of “The Psychotronic Man (1980) Directed by Jack M. Sell Writing Jack M. Sell, Peter Spelson, Genre Horror Plot Outline: A man discovers that he has Psychotronic powers--the ability to will people to die. He begins exercising that power.” and,

Not based on academic papers, nor facsimiles of academic papers, nor even self-serving papers of military personal *1 footnote.

There are numerous people swearing that they too are victims when there are fine lines between the deranged and being a victim. Psychotronics is part of “parasciences” that was popular during the Cold War, as part of what I believe were disinformation campaigns by the East and West intelligence agents: as a means to accomplish ends, constructed often to generate enemy interest, as pretexts for the erroneous expenditure, of tactical and strategic resources.

Just as Aliens from other planets came to us to become part of American and eventually folk culture not through governmental research, or corporate development, we first became acquainted with space and aliens seen as:

Rêve d'un astronome, Le (1898) Directed by Georges Méliès, who when he got access to Jules verne produced a “Voyage dans la lune, Le (1902) Directed by Georges Méliès with writing credits going to Jules Verne (novel) Georges Méliès (IMDB).

Followed by “Things to Come” (1936) Directed by William Cameron, Menzies Writing credits

H.G. Wells (also novel The Shape of Things to Come) still discussing what preceded a firm scientific basis for such discussion by over seventy years. Yes theory existed. Yes we can expound on theory to foresee what will come true, but rather than rely on that science we have relied on fiction, as generally it is thought that real science, pure science is above, and beyond the reach of average citizens.

Though publicly available reports exist such as the April 1954 US Air Force, MAJIC-12 document regarding “Extraterrestrials”, “on planet Earth”, procedures on approaching the matter, which was produced as the result of President Eisenhower’s consent.

Every one of basic knowledge know that Ian Fleming the author of James Bond had been a British secret service agent.

Talk of the Nation, January 26, 2005 • Spies spend their whole careers hiding secrets from family and close friends. Yet, when they retire, they don't necessarily disappear into history. Many of them turn around and publish memoirs. We discuss what's behind the urge to spy and tell. Is it bad for sources -- or the agencies?

So I ask again my dear believers in reality, where the fine lines of non-fiction and fiction cross:
Do you know who is feeding you that bull?

Footnote 1. “Title: Psychotronic Weapons: Myth or Reality? Document Number: JPRS-UFM-94-005 Document Type: JPRS Document Title: Central Eurasia Document Region: Foreign Military Review No 2, 1991 Document Date: 3 August 1994 Division: Sourceline: 94UM0387D Moscow ZARUBEZHNOYE VOYENNOYE OBOZRENIYE in Russian No 2, 1994 (signed to press 7 Jan 94) pp 17-19 AFS Number: 94UM0387D Citysource: Moscow ZARUBEZHNOYE VOYENNOYE OBOZRENIYE Language: Russian Article Type: CSO Subslug: [Article by Lt Col V. Pavlychev],(allegedly derived and translated by the CIA's Foreign Broadcast Information Service.).”

Andrew Stergiou
An "internet pioneer", call me to find out, my passport is ready but who will call? universal copyright (c)2004-2006 Andreaw Stergiou


NUMBERS GAMES Discrepo para si miramos a la historia para los ejemplos que aprendemos que viene el cambio muy lentamente. Sin importar los números en ayuda, o carecer de números en la oposición. El punto político es uno de organización y de capacidad para aunque Zapata era un grandes general y persona. Zapata traicionado como Jesús por sus camaradas y amigos que construyeron capillas e iglesias.

Aquí en el infierno del vientre de la bestia me disculpo yo me rodeo y no tengo ninguna esperanza excepto lo que invento en quizás el delusion así que antes de que me muera saludarte. Mi existencia en esta futilidad la expresión sin setido de Dada, dentro de un paisaje surreal no tengo ninguna esperanza. Si eres mi amigo te diría que apreciara un cianuro si estuvo necesitado para eso sea cómo es serio soy.

Para mí nunca me entregué, pero soy un preso y nunca no me he ofrecido una muerte honorable como abuso y la tortura no requiere abuso físico. Pero quizás ahora soy un simplemente cierto envejecimiento Yanqui suave delusional que nunca experimentó vida (con demasiada hora en mi mano esta la opinión) y quién no tiene nada mejor hacer que conseguir un trabajo en McDonalds de probar yo puede trabajar difícilmente y un buen ciudadano. Por supuesto no tengo ningún diploma de la universidad, ni certificación, así que soy totalmente incompetente discutir a que la manera el viento sopla mientras que necesito un informe de noticias del tiempo. Pardon por favor mi mal español que cada cosa hizo me triste y grito Para cuál soy agradecido pues me me demuestra sigue siendo el ser humano. En la vida próxima si no ésta.

Camarada por siempre fiel XP Adios.

English version

I disagree for if we look to the history for examples we learn change comes very slowly. Regardless of the numbers in support, or the lacking of numbers in opposition. The political point is one of organization and ability for though Zapata was a great general and person Zapata betrayed like Jesus by his comrades and friends who built chapels and churches.

Here in the hell of the belly of the beast I apologize I am surrounded and do not have any hopes except those envented in perhaps delusion, so before I die I salute you. My existence in this futility the meaningless expression of Dada, within a surreal landscape I have no hope. If you are my friend I would tell you I would appreciate a cyanide capsule if it is needed for that is how serious I am.

For I never surrendered, but I am a prisoner and have never been offered an honorable death as abuse and torture does not require physical abuse. But perhaps now I am merely some aging delusional soft Yanqui who never experienced life (with too much time on my hand these say) and who has nothing better to do than to get a job at McDonalds to prove I can work hard and a good citizen. Of course I have no college diploma, nor certification, so I am completely unqualified to discuss which way the wind blows as I need a weather news report. Please pardon my bad Spanish every thing made me sad and cry. For which I am thankful as it shows me I am still human. In the next life if not this one


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Prediction without dreaming: by Andrew Stergiou

Prediction without dreaming: by Andrew Stergiou

Prediction without dreaming: Soon in great surprise, there will be a great massacre of many people, in a cycle of violence, trials, tribulations, and burdens, kings will not lessen those burdens, in fact will be ignorant of them, the king's men worsen those, and resolution will be impossibility.

Until the waters are spent and wasted, words to no prevail, for to that as lambs to the slaughter they have brought us, they shall be pissed on, and piss on themselves, they will wish they were never born, but will walk willfully into hell, without thought of confessing, their sins, nor asking forgiveness, as they do not know what they do but none the less will be judged, in trials and tribulations:

And still they will predict "A NEW AGE", of marvels and miracles, and other distractions, in lies, and even lie that it is all empty when it is not, and is not empty when it is empty.

For within they are empty, refusing to die death themselves, confessing nothing, for who speaks truly but I, besides my mirror image, moving as a shadow, with my every move.

I ask time and time again, for despair, joy, and sober emptiness is of no use, and my time is at an end, and you travel, on alone into cemeteries, without headstones, tombstones, nor empty graves.

Of vultures, rats, wild dogs, and worms and rotting civilization. They will wish I show them proofs, demanding, when they themselves see the signs, for they are empty, care not, are rabid, and shallow. Wishing to catch me, speaking in prophesies, and dreaming (when I do not and have never practiced majick) so as to find me guilty in my words alone, when I speak (as they claiming nothing, but what is known) as I am the child, and they are the great, high and mighty.

OVERWEIGHT CELEBRITES (Male) by Andrew Stergiou

Please NOTE THAT THE SOURCE (govt.) from which this was derived (and edited by someone else fails to mention the overweight female celebrities.

Barry Bonds: 6'2": 228 lbs: 29
David Boreanaz: 6'2": 218 lbs: 28
Tom Brady: 6'4": 225 lbs: 27
President Bush: 5'11": 191 lbs: 26
Nic Cage: 6'1": 210 lbs: 28
George Clooney: 5'11": 211 lbs: 29
Tom Cruise: 5'7": 170 lbs: 26
Matt Damon: 5'11": 187 lbs: 26
Johnny Depp: 5'7": 190 lbs: 27
David Duchovny: 6'0": 212 lbs: 29
Vin Diesel: 6'2": 200 lbs: 26
Cheryl Ford: 6'3": 215 lbs:27
Harrison Ford: 6'1": 218 lbs: 29
Brendan Fraser: 6'3": 234 lbs: 29
Richard Gere: 5'11": 187 lbs: 26
Ethan Hawke: 5'9": 172 lbs: 25
Hugh Jackman: 6'2": 210 lbs: 27
Lebron James: 6'8": 240 lbs: 26
Dale Jarrett: 6'2": 200 lbs: 26
Bobby Labonte: 5'9": 170 lbs: 25
Nick Lachey: 5'10": 180 lbs: 26
Karl Malone: 6'9": 259 lbs: 28
Dr. Phil McGraw: 6'4": 240 lbs: 29
Mark McGuire (playing weight): 6'5": 250 lbs: 30
Donovan McNabb: 6'3": 240 lbs: 30
Yao Ming: 7'6": 310 lbs: 27
Brad Pitt: 6'0": 203 lbs: 28
Keanu Reeves: 6'1": 223 lbs: 29
Cal Ripken: 6'4": 210 lbs: 27
Andy Roddick: 6'2": 197 lbs: 25
Will Smith: 6'2": 210 lbs: 27
Sammy Sosa: 6'0": 220 lbs: 30
Denzel Washington: 6'0": 199 lbs: 27
Bruce Willis: 6'0": 200 lbs: 29
Billy Zane: 6'2": 210 lbs: 27

Mel Gibson 5'9": 214 pounds: 32
Matt LeBlanc: 5'11": 218 lbs: 30
Steve McNair: 6'2": 235 lbs: 30
The Rock (Dwayne Johnson): 6'5": 275 lbs: 33
Arnold Schwarzenegger: 6'2": 257 lbs: 33
Sylvester Stallone: 5'9": 228 lbs: 34
Mike Tyson: 5'11 ½": fighting weight between 218-235: 30-32

* All height and weight measurements were obtained through an online compendium of actor data, celebrity promotional materials, and official athletic figures found through ESPN.

an "internet pioneer" My Passport is ready but who will call



Don't ask me about next week, and or even tomorrow, today I am on a diet! Maybe tomorrow I will crack and fall off the diet. First of all the diet isn't with any specific rules. I can't have any rules, as to what I can do, when one day I am in one mood, tomorrow another, and I can't figure it all out.

It really makes me feel silly (and stupid) and vain, but the only thing that counts is my losing some weight . I have not really lost any weight since I was a teenager when I was about 120 pounds. Keeping my weight was never an issue as I was in the past very active playing sports as a teen, and as a manual laborer. I also never subscribed to the western society's (especially American) standards regarding weight.

Where most of the world is envious of western and American obesity, here being thin is a class issue in that those of lower incomes can not always afford those foods which are better for us. We tend to eat foods convenient for us that are pre-made and pre-salted. We are bombarded commercially to buy what is not healthy for us by the fast food industry making high profits with cheap labor, and cheap carbohydrate, oil, and sugar based foods.

Neither have I subscribed to the generally middle class fringe like cults regarding "health foods" (Nazi fruitarians, New Left Hmoepathic cults, nor will I support monopoly capitalism now that they have gone into organic food production, sales, distribution in a big way (as their profits rates there are higher than in regular food production, and since they paln on taking it over, as with every thing else).

At 240 pounds last week I was about double According to U.S. Government sources that is obese for my height (5'11" in height). The government also says that for my height, my normal weight is supposed to be approximately 133-179 lbs. More is obese, and fat, while less is underweight and skinny. So I don't know really how much weight I should be since they didn't really explain it. In any case I noticed my weight hit 240 lbs. about 4-5 days ago (which was strange because it was some sort of water weight gain that went up and then down 10 lbs in 24 hours).

So then finally I hope I decided that I had to lose weight when it went up, and will do some serious dieting to lose weight. This time I was lucky went it went straight back down in twenty-four hours (thankful too I think), but then again maybe not since that is very unhealthy. So I started dieting then. I have been drinking coffee, and a lot of water (to reduce the body salt - body salt, and salt intake adds retaining water weight which I don't need since I want to lose weight).

I don't add much to my coffee but I spice it up with molasses (15 calories per tablespoon), cinnamon (no calories), with maybe a little non-diary coffee creamer (30-50 calories, I like light coffee, and good as even non-fat evaporated milk is 10 calories per tablespoon without the body my hight point of the moment/today) . I also add a little instant coffee, chicory mix (TASTY, STRONG, and leaves a syrupy goo at the bottom of the cup) .

ANY WAY. I am trying as best I can without support, nor interference (I have holed up in my pad and haven't gone out for a week. I have hooked up some lentils (not beans actually legumes) to sprouts as recently I bought 8 pounds of dry lentils at 40 cents a pound (a great buy, so I have plenty). I am considering buying out the store's entire stock though I have also about 40 pounds of Kidney beans, and 5 pounds of mixed beans to make sprouts with ( I have tpo research that so stay tuned for comments).

I concocted a soup from a cup of water with a handful of sprouts (after I boil half an onion in it), adding: a little tomato sauce (from a jar), one teaspoon of dry soup mix (chicken tomato), some garlic powder, and a healthy dash of hot sauce.

I had two bowls of that yesterday, and about three to fours cups of coffee, and as much water as I could stand), while I also plan a strategy of dieting on spinach (28oz. cans $1 as I hook that up also with soup base, chopped onions, garlic powder, I recall that that today I tossed a good spoon of spinach into one of the bowls of soup to change the flavor up, and make it interesting of the bowls of soups, so I would keep it up.

Recently I watched a documentary on the explorers who were the first to the south pole I think, who focused heavily on personal hygiene to keep up the morale which I have taken as a lesson. The other day I had half a matzo (as today), and two days a can of sardines (I drained the oil, as I like fish as taster canned in oil rather than water/brine).

Beside that I don't really remember what else I ate but which even with cheating has seen me lose 14 pounds in the past fours days 96 hours. If it bothers me I will sleep it off, if I can't sleep any more, when I wake I will work it off, hopefully losing the weight. CHEERS GOOD :LUCK PS I have never participated in any commercial diet program, and hopefully never will!EAT YOUR HEART OUT JENNY WHAT'S YOUR NAME. Diet foods SUK, as capitalism does, and often only sells us, on a large scale, what we can do better, on a smaller scale, as they take advantage of us when we are being lazy.

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Friday, December 15, 2006


I always sort of wanted a Buddha Belly but then when I gained weight it didn't feel quite right. Some times I felt dizzy, and ill, simply not at my best.

Do I look like this? Of course not!

One of my last "girl friends" made me feel awfully self-consciencious about my weight, and of course my ahole relatives just couldn't keep their mouths shut, be cause they don't know how to mind their own business, like they say "They can't run their own lives, I'd be damned if they run mine!".

Friggin hell with half the world starving, I am bloody driving myself sick, in that I've gained weight to the point I have to lose it, and am now dieting (albeit what they say I shouldn't [crash dieting]) with limited intake to take the edge off, and calm the hunger pains.

Actually once I went on hunger strike in protest without eating or drinking even water for ten days, where they forcibly hospitalized me.

Who the heck am I Elvis to be worrying, and complaining upset about my weight? I am actually not that bad especialy for my age.

I must be vain? naw.. it actually affects me as I often send so much time at home writing, practicing guitar, getting online, taking care of my blogs, groups, and web sites.

Though admittedly I have gained 100 lbs, since I was a teenager, and I am never going back there, I'd like to lose maybe sixty pounds (I am 5'11" and 228lbs. presently).

Now I am merely switching to a veggie diet canned spinach, with a thin slice of cheese, a liberal use of powdered garlic and soup base to flavor it all (28oz. can of Spinach, daily) with a touch of Parmesan Cheese just for flavor. I'm drinkling coffee, and baking cocoa, with molassas, and some creamer.

Today actually I ate nothing solid yet, and I have been awake 14 hours, and I'm am about to maybe crash out, and go to sleep. Jeez Fleas.

There has been some issue about water weight, and salt intake, which I don't fully understand and which radically changes stuff as it caused me to gain 8 lbs and lose 10 lbs in a 24 hour period (GOD HELP THEM SKINNY MODELS I REALLY UNDERSTAND I THINK)

Any way I am at it again.


an "internet pioneer" My Passport is ready but who will call

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Monday, December 04, 2006


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