Sunday, December 17, 2006

Prediction without dreaming: by Andrew Stergiou

Prediction without dreaming: by Andrew Stergiou

Prediction without dreaming: Soon in great surprise, there will be a great massacre of many people, in a cycle of violence, trials, tribulations, and burdens, kings will not lessen those burdens, in fact will be ignorant of them, the king's men worsen those, and resolution will be impossibility.

Until the waters are spent and wasted, words to no prevail, for to that as lambs to the slaughter they have brought us, they shall be pissed on, and piss on themselves, they will wish they were never born, but will walk willfully into hell, without thought of confessing, their sins, nor asking forgiveness, as they do not know what they do but none the less will be judged, in trials and tribulations:

And still they will predict "A NEW AGE", of marvels and miracles, and other distractions, in lies, and even lie that it is all empty when it is not, and is not empty when it is empty.

For within they are empty, refusing to die death themselves, confessing nothing, for who speaks truly but I, besides my mirror image, moving as a shadow, with my every move.

I ask time and time again, for despair, joy, and sober emptiness is of no use, and my time is at an end, and you travel, on alone into cemeteries, without headstones, tombstones, nor empty graves.

Of vultures, rats, wild dogs, and worms and rotting civilization. They will wish I show them proofs, demanding, when they themselves see the signs, for they are empty, care not, are rabid, and shallow. Wishing to catch me, speaking in prophesies, and dreaming (when I do not and have never practiced majick) so as to find me guilty in my words alone, when I speak (as they claiming nothing, but what is known) as I am the child, and they are the great, high and mighty.

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