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HILLARY GET IT RIGHT? By Andrew Stergiou

HILLARY GET IT RIGHT? By Andrew Stergiou

Sorry folks my primary language is English, and for some time I have carried the banner on my web site , but after reading “the Hillary Clinton for President Exploratory Committee” first online ad I felt very uneasy. Because since `1956 the Republicans have not won elections Democrats have lost elections, as the democrats often have failed to grasp the significance of matters when they should have, but did not.

The immediate case in point exemplifying most USA politicians shallow presentations they start off on the wrong foot under estimating the common person’s perceptions, means, and inclinations, where then it is a small things that grows bigger and bigger that destroys them.
Perhaps you agree, perhaps you do not agree but let’s start by examining the issues of the brief sparse information I found for it was a simple matter of logic. Firstly let it be known that in some sense I’d love to be able to believe at least one person in America can be trusted though bitterly I fear I will always be disappointed.

The ad for “the Hillary Clinton for President Exploratory Committee” read:

“Let the Conversation Begin”, “Join Hillary Clinton for a live conversation about the future of our country. Please submit the following information to register for this event. All items marked with an * are required."
“The Hillary Clinton for President Exploratory Committee” states in the next sentence that:
“Due to the anticipated volume of inquiries we will not be able to answer each question individually or guarantee a personal response. Questions may be condensed and answered together in order to respond to as many submissions as possible.”

Clearly the first sentence represents a promise to that there will be a dialogue with the American people, who as a people will be represented by those attending the above entitled function, but then it will not be a free and open discussion but one of a controlled and limited natured, of docile prepared and scripted questions, and answers, not that I would subject even Senator Clinton to the rabid logic of the American right. None the less “the Hillary Clinton for President Exploratory Committee” conversation contrived, and controlled, is not a real conversation by which I for one feel cheated, and regret as she maybe should stand face to face with some of these reactionary bastards, and suffer as we do.

I would have had preferred she face panel of mature ordinary citizens who after a life of maturity, education, and living have learned the biter disappointments of living in the USA so as to be angry, but also gained the wisdom of a tolerant, and well balanced wisdom by which they can temper that anger, and frustration, but allow them to speak and ask freely in a manner politicians are never spoken to. I do not real know who they would pick I am sure they will have views on the matter but in the end fearing the circumstances would refrain from doing so. So as I fear these things I pray Hillary gets it right though I fear there most often are not miracles of the type we need as the systemic political corruption of the USA is so wide spread in actually I don’t discuss election issues but demand investigations for I do not feel it can function without understand how the political system in the US has been undermined by the military-industrial complex, and the fascist police state that the Democratic Party has been bipartisan part and parcel in that they created it and can not separate themselves.


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