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Spam, Professionalism, Burnout, and Material Rewards by Andrew Stergiou.

Spam, Professionalism, Burnout, and Material Rewards by Andrew Stergiou.
Recently I accidentally approved a bunch of spam emails in what has become part of a very tiresome, boring, and at times rewardless process. Where the monopoly process has an effect on the public in their immature and corrupt state not only expects to be catered to, often demands it, where ever fringe element becomes mainstream with corporate sponsorship of one for or another. Where the rewards of independent artists, writers, intellectuals has become marginalized except with corporate support, and sponsorship, where the artistic nature of youth, is sold out in middle age, to be rewarded by employment.
Spam is can only be seen as the flip side of corporate venues of internet access, where success is rewarded by the flocks of albatross that follow the ship and the offal strewn overboard as it makes its rounds before port.
Spam that has been regularly posted by technical means to some of my email groups (where people are supposed to participate and post messages after registration that has created a burdensome task.
But where is the public, while the military and conservative corporate types hire professionals to stalk lurking thru the internet in service of those political financial interests? Often they too are drawn up into the process and think, honestly thru their perspectives that their views which are subjected to a constant bombardment of propaganda, and rhetoric truly espouse some independent views when in actuality it is most difficult and I admit I too have been so duped by sophisticated tricks and maneuvers by reactionary pigs.
It is an old story with many projects I have attempted to get off the ground from when I first attempted in High School to start and underground "rag" and I serious addressed the issues of "concentration camps" which were prepared by Nixon, and was reported by Scanlon magazine and the Rand Corporation, my "radical friends" in high school were more inclined towards Mescaline and "tulips" (uppers). An old story, where I am offered little encouragement, and still yet fewer rewards in a world predicated on the rulers and the ruled.  In a world based on not merely money, but a society based on power, founded on the accumulation of wealth, that pits me self against the slick and professional corporate world, that shakes in continuing Industrial revolution, and which maintains itself dictatorially, thru authoritative, totalitarian, and democratic means where they are so allowed.
Most often these email groups serve the egos of their "masters" (moderators) or if completely open some other design beyond control of either the moderators or the users. Where often those groups have no relation to the true meaning of those email groups many are shill based (as is evidenced by the lack of participation, or legitimate use).
In a society where the rewards are not based on virtue, profundity, ethics or morality, but where ideals, principle, the profound, nationalism, prejudices, truth, justice, law, ethics, god, power, wealth, evil and good exists solely to serve that society based on raw power, and the crude accumulation of wealth.
I admit that in the class prejudices of stereotypes I was accustomed, taught, and raised, that to date are not exactly true but questionable as the decadence of the rich, and old money, the nouveau riche, and the working class, the poor, and the lumpen classes was not the same but distinguished:
In a manner I find often difficult to explain, but not to refute, as those I oppose are even more baseless than I, an with less foundation, and facts, rather than views which often I admit I have not nor desire , as I prefer to speak as I do rather than as some may wish. For I speak in serious matters truly most often not as opinion but as fact.
So if you ever receive accidentally some of that spam, please accept my sincere apologies.
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