Saturday, November 25, 2006

Poet Writers Publishing Opportunity

Poet Writers Publishing Opportunity


We am setting up a poetry publishing recording video project where I am interested in printing up books of 40-64 pages via my newly organized Universal Living Arts Inc. Pariah Poetry Div..

Prospective authors are encouraged to submit finished/complete manuscripts of that size (40-64 pages) hard copy solicted can be can be sent to:
Universal Living Arts
Pariah Poetry Div
P.O.Box 1615 Altoona, Pa 16603

In the coming weeks/months (3) we will be drawing up draft contracts regarding rights and obligations, and the assignment of rights of the involved parties whiich then may be inquired into.

Generally we am interested in authors of character, personna, presence, personality, contents, expressive natures for long term development of a professional context who will be determined after a thorough review process.

Authors who may be accepted may also be required to perform, recite, promote their work,and to tour, and submit to publicity.

Good luck and best wishes to you all


PS All prospective authors must be of the legal age of consent to sign legal agreements or have their legal guardians provide consent to allow them to be published etc.

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