Saturday, November 25, 2006

UPDATE Blogs are Blogs Publishing is Publishing

UPDATE Blogs are Blogs Publishing is Publishing


Sorry Excuse me I am trying to answer issues that come up with many people besides you.

But if you wish to publish I am interested I prefer a whole manuscript. I too wrote for use in blogs, email groups etc but there these mega corporations receive free content to attract more people with and pay little if anything.

Here I am following a model which will not disappoint new upstart poet writers or even established ones as I am following a business model founded by Moses Asch and Marian Distler in 1948.

So if you can dig up a manuscript of original work for me to consider in that complete context it would be best appreciated without any further comment. If some wish to be a pawn of the Fortune 400 please be my guest.

Its a project of free creative expression please feel free
nothing probably could offend me that much at times
I will not narrow it down in fear you would be conforming your work to suit me (DON'T) yours

Generally I am requiring a finished manuscript before considering publication/ so as to see close to what will be the full context on publishing.

Long Term Catalog Sales

As to rates and matters generally I am flexible on depending on the total picture. Provisions regarding reversion of rights to the author would not neccessarily be appropiate as an issue.

Whereas some have put works under contract then stopped printing them and taken them out of circulation.

It is my intention to have a long term publishing project with those works under contract being from then on in print and in some manner paying.

It is not merely a matter of print but complete packing, including book and recordings.

I hope thsi would be of some help and does not meet your disapproval, and even in that case open to discussion

I repeat:

Wanted legal rights to publish original poetry work from original author in 5.5"x8.5" format, 40-64 pages (equals approx 20-32 letter size format single spaced). Must be in finished manuscript form submitted with personal particulars and brief resume (1 page). Contractual obligations are involved parties must have legal rights to original work.

This will be a long term contract for multiple books. So if you think you've got what it takes to be professional let's see. A manuscript of the size I mention is not too long and could take a month to write (maybe less maybe more).

Good luck
Best wishes
Yours Truly

Andrew Stergiou
Universal Living Arts Inc.
P.O.Box 1615, Altoona, Pa 16603

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