Friday, December 15, 2006


I always sort of wanted a Buddha Belly but then when I gained weight it didn't feel quite right. Some times I felt dizzy, and ill, simply not at my best.

Do I look like this? Of course not!

One of my last "girl friends" made me feel awfully self-consciencious about my weight, and of course my ahole relatives just couldn't keep their mouths shut, be cause they don't know how to mind their own business, like they say "They can't run their own lives, I'd be damned if they run mine!".

Friggin hell with half the world starving, I am bloody driving myself sick, in that I've gained weight to the point I have to lose it, and am now dieting (albeit what they say I shouldn't [crash dieting]) with limited intake to take the edge off, and calm the hunger pains.

Actually once I went on hunger strike in protest without eating or drinking even water for ten days, where they forcibly hospitalized me.

Who the heck am I Elvis to be worrying, and complaining upset about my weight? I am actually not that bad especialy for my age.

I must be vain? naw.. it actually affects me as I often send so much time at home writing, practicing guitar, getting online, taking care of my blogs, groups, and web sites.

Though admittedly I have gained 100 lbs, since I was a teenager, and I am never going back there, I'd like to lose maybe sixty pounds (I am 5'11" and 228lbs. presently).

Now I am merely switching to a veggie diet canned spinach, with a thin slice of cheese, a liberal use of powdered garlic and soup base to flavor it all (28oz. can of Spinach, daily) with a touch of Parmesan Cheese just for flavor. I'm drinkling coffee, and baking cocoa, with molassas, and some creamer.

Today actually I ate nothing solid yet, and I have been awake 14 hours, and I'm am about to maybe crash out, and go to sleep. Jeez Fleas.

There has been some issue about water weight, and salt intake, which I don't fully understand and which radically changes stuff as it caused me to gain 8 lbs and lose 10 lbs in a 24 hour period (GOD HELP THEM SKINNY MODELS I REALLY UNDERSTAND I THINK)

Any way I am at it again.


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