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Don't ask me about next week, and or even tomorrow, today I am on a diet! Maybe tomorrow I will crack and fall off the diet. First of all the diet isn't with any specific rules. I can't have any rules, as to what I can do, when one day I am in one mood, tomorrow another, and I can't figure it all out.

It really makes me feel silly (and stupid) and vain, but the only thing that counts is my losing some weight . I have not really lost any weight since I was a teenager when I was about 120 pounds. Keeping my weight was never an issue as I was in the past very active playing sports as a teen, and as a manual laborer. I also never subscribed to the western society's (especially American) standards regarding weight.

Where most of the world is envious of western and American obesity, here being thin is a class issue in that those of lower incomes can not always afford those foods which are better for us. We tend to eat foods convenient for us that are pre-made and pre-salted. We are bombarded commercially to buy what is not healthy for us by the fast food industry making high profits with cheap labor, and cheap carbohydrate, oil, and sugar based foods.

Neither have I subscribed to the generally middle class fringe like cults regarding "health foods" (Nazi fruitarians, New Left Hmoepathic cults, nor will I support monopoly capitalism now that they have gone into organic food production, sales, distribution in a big way (as their profits rates there are higher than in regular food production, and since they paln on taking it over, as with every thing else).

At 240 pounds last week I was about double According to U.S. Government sources that is obese for my height (5'11" in height). The government also says that for my height, my normal weight is supposed to be approximately 133-179 lbs. More is obese, and fat, while less is underweight and skinny. So I don't know really how much weight I should be since they didn't really explain it. In any case I noticed my weight hit 240 lbs. about 4-5 days ago (which was strange because it was some sort of water weight gain that went up and then down 10 lbs in 24 hours).

So then finally I hope I decided that I had to lose weight when it went up, and will do some serious dieting to lose weight. This time I was lucky went it went straight back down in twenty-four hours (thankful too I think), but then again maybe not since that is very unhealthy. So I started dieting then. I have been drinking coffee, and a lot of water (to reduce the body salt - body salt, and salt intake adds retaining water weight which I don't need since I want to lose weight).

I don't add much to my coffee but I spice it up with molasses (15 calories per tablespoon), cinnamon (no calories), with maybe a little non-diary coffee creamer (30-50 calories, I like light coffee, and good as even non-fat evaporated milk is 10 calories per tablespoon without the body my hight point of the moment/today) . I also add a little instant coffee, chicory mix (TASTY, STRONG, and leaves a syrupy goo at the bottom of the cup) .

ANY WAY. I am trying as best I can without support, nor interference (I have holed up in my pad and haven't gone out for a week. I have hooked up some lentils (not beans actually legumes) to sprouts as recently I bought 8 pounds of dry lentils at 40 cents a pound (a great buy, so I have plenty). I am considering buying out the store's entire stock though I have also about 40 pounds of Kidney beans, and 5 pounds of mixed beans to make sprouts with ( I have tpo research that so stay tuned for comments).

I concocted a soup from a cup of water with a handful of sprouts (after I boil half an onion in it), adding: a little tomato sauce (from a jar), one teaspoon of dry soup mix (chicken tomato), some garlic powder, and a healthy dash of hot sauce.

I had two bowls of that yesterday, and about three to fours cups of coffee, and as much water as I could stand), while I also plan a strategy of dieting on spinach (28oz. cans $1 as I hook that up also with soup base, chopped onions, garlic powder, I recall that that today I tossed a good spoon of spinach into one of the bowls of soup to change the flavor up, and make it interesting of the bowls of soups, so I would keep it up.

Recently I watched a documentary on the explorers who were the first to the south pole I think, who focused heavily on personal hygiene to keep up the morale which I have taken as a lesson. The other day I had half a matzo (as today), and two days a can of sardines (I drained the oil, as I like fish as taster canned in oil rather than water/brine).

Beside that I don't really remember what else I ate but which even with cheating has seen me lose 14 pounds in the past fours days 96 hours. If it bothers me I will sleep it off, if I can't sleep any more, when I wake I will work it off, hopefully losing the weight. CHEERS GOOD :LUCK PS I have never participated in any commercial diet program, and hopefully never will!EAT YOUR HEART OUT JENNY WHAT'S YOUR NAME. Diet foods SUK, as capitalism does, and often only sells us, on a large scale, what we can do better, on a smaller scale, as they take advantage of us when we are being lazy.

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