Monday, December 25, 2006

"Losers” by Andrew Stergiou

“Losers” by Andrew Stergiou

Some idiot bourgeois middle class piece of filth came on the TV as a 1:15 hour short film, and generally, I would not give a darn, what these people (idiots) say. Hopefully if we ever meet (I have experienced the experience before) they would keep their verbiage of career based ambitions to themselves, since they are to me the most despicable, especially since most of them don’t have the brain write up the deal, or if they do are without the principles of a leech.

It was an inspiring moment of hate and hatred they started harping by use of a few words, which constitute favorite pet peeves of mine. On one hand, the author, who got started talking about country club snobs, but on the other hand seems to believe that some people are “losers”, and talk about what constitutes a “loser”, as if that opinion is a reality beyond the confines of their own thinking merely shows his own ignorance and what a sick bastard he is.

For the record:

First: Anyone who believes, there is such a thing as a “loser”
Second: Anyone who throws a round the “loser” label
Third: Anyone who believes diligent hard working people can be really “losers”.
Fourth: The only thing needed for success is the recognition of a salary, by what pays the bills, in a manner keeping up with the Jones.

That is what a “loser” is, because it combines the middle class pretensions with ignoble capitalist materialism, after all the western world based on the desirability of some choices over others, but which some cannot accept who they are, as they aspire to success, and fear failure. Shame of where they are, or from they have been, psychological “losers” who cannot live with them selves.
In a pain which manifests in many ways in a suffering they share, but which I find pain in hearing because that is not everybody’s thing.

Those “weird”, “loser” conversations are diseased (as they are) they are the same person, who faithful use the labels of “weird” to describe normally behaving people, adults or juveniles, in a mass produced delusional neurosis of a society dreamed of but which doesn’t exist nor may ever exist.

A society which I add has socially worsened, and became more pervasive in its neurosis, since society has some how since women have entered the market place (not that women should be keep barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen). A society of “losers” projecting insecurities, and fears, that they bounce back and forth, re-enforcing their victims, and the same in their children. As the “sins of the fathers will be visited upon their child unto the fourth and fifth generations.”

Good luck folks, after watching programming like that I need therapy, and do not feel very well. How do I collect “bad” vibes hmm? Hmm, what vibes, I do not know what you are talking about. After all I said I get inspired by means which often can vary that was merely one of them.

By the way, I still have not forgotten a comment I heard the other day in that I stay home so often for two-three weeks at a stretch, “sounds like a personal problem”. Jeez with a messed up society like we have maybe everyone should have “personal problems” such as mean, as I enjoy being home more than when I go out amongst the “weird losers”, their insensitive language and considerations, and foul language, cause when I tell people to “go screw yourself” I mean it, unlike the pretensions of “losers”.

Andrew Stergiou
An "internet pioneer", call me to find out, my passport is ready but who will call? universal copyright (c)2004-2006 Andreaw Stergiou

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