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Where does the reality begin? Something wrong is going on, when mixed messages are received as to what is going out there in society, aka the real world.

On one hand we are presented with images of “Mad Max”, “Road Warrior”, “Escape from New York”, “The crucifixion of Christ”, “Braveheart”, “Harry Potter”, “Dirty Harry”, “The Planet of the Apes”, “Outer Limits”, “Escape From the Planet of the Apes”, “Bronson”, “Death Wish”, 1,2,3,4,5.

We are daily barraged and presented twisted politically conservative visions doom and gloom messages of America, and the World, in arrays from A - Z. That is not to say some of that is not true, but admitted it is grossly taken out of context, when contrasted on a day-to-day basis, of what people expect, and are accustomed.

Is it needless for me to mention that the doom and gloom cinema-graphic school is heavily endowed with conservatives who also want us to indulge in their fantasies of an America that reminds some of “Leave it to Beaver”:

“Plot Summary for "Leave It to Beaver" (1957) The Cleavers are the 1950's 'All-American Family' in this 'feel-good' family sitcom***” (IMDB)

An industry that often glosses over the likes of Stephen Talbot, who graduated from working as a child actor, to a radicalized young man, an American award-winning TV reporter, writer, and producer and TV child actor of the 1950s and 1960s, A filmmaker, and writer of some note.

A career, which began as merely a job for a TV series, for the case, always seems very unrealistic, and baseless, when taken into the context of the full iconography of American cinematography contrasted with films depicting the likes of:

Alien Invasion, The (2004) Invasions barbares, Les (2003) aka "Invasion of the Barbarians" - (English title) Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978), Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956), Caught in the Rapture (2002),

Where “Enemy of the State” (1998) can not be clearly distinguished by average folks from État de siège (1972) Directed by Costa-Gavras,

Where the concept of Psychotronics enters our vocabulary based on Hollywood type low budget movies of “The Psychotronic Man (1980) Directed by Jack M. Sell Writing Jack M. Sell, Peter Spelson, Genre Horror Plot Outline: A man discovers that he has Psychotronic powers--the ability to will people to die. He begins exercising that power.” and,

Not based on academic papers, nor facsimiles of academic papers, nor even self-serving papers of military personal *1 footnote.

There are numerous people swearing that they too are victims when there are fine lines between the deranged and being a victim. Psychotronics is part of “parasciences” that was popular during the Cold War, as part of what I believe were disinformation campaigns by the East and West intelligence agents: as a means to accomplish ends, constructed often to generate enemy interest, as pretexts for the erroneous expenditure, of tactical and strategic resources.

Just as Aliens from other planets came to us to become part of American and eventually folk culture not through governmental research, or corporate development, we first became acquainted with space and aliens seen as:

Rêve d'un astronome, Le (1898) Directed by Georges Méliès, who when he got access to Jules verne produced a “Voyage dans la lune, Le (1902) Directed by Georges Méliès with writing credits going to Jules Verne (novel) Georges Méliès (IMDB).

Followed by “Things to Come” (1936) Directed by William Cameron, Menzies Writing credits

H.G. Wells (also novel The Shape of Things to Come) still discussing what preceded a firm scientific basis for such discussion by over seventy years. Yes theory existed. Yes we can expound on theory to foresee what will come true, but rather than rely on that science we have relied on fiction, as generally it is thought that real science, pure science is above, and beyond the reach of average citizens.

Though publicly available reports exist such as the April 1954 US Air Force, MAJIC-12 document regarding “Extraterrestrials”, “on planet Earth”, procedures on approaching the matter, which was produced as the result of President Eisenhower’s consent.

Every one of basic knowledge know that Ian Fleming the author of James Bond had been a British secret service agent.

Talk of the Nation, January 26, 2005 • Spies spend their whole careers hiding secrets from family and close friends. Yet, when they retire, they don't necessarily disappear into history. Many of them turn around and publish memoirs. We discuss what's behind the urge to spy and tell. Is it bad for sources -- or the agencies?

So I ask again my dear believers in reality, where the fine lines of non-fiction and fiction cross:
Do you know who is feeding you that bull?

Footnote 1. “Title: Psychotronic Weapons: Myth or Reality? Document Number: JPRS-UFM-94-005 Document Type: JPRS Document Title: Central Eurasia Document Region: Foreign Military Review No 2, 1991 Document Date: 3 August 1994 Division: Sourceline: 94UM0387D Moscow ZARUBEZHNOYE VOYENNOYE OBOZRENIYE in Russian No 2, 1994 (signed to press 7 Jan 94) pp 17-19 AFS Number: 94UM0387D Citysource: Moscow ZARUBEZHNOYE VOYENNOYE OBOZRENIYE Language: Russian Article Type: CSO Subslug: [Article by Lt Col V. Pavlychev],(allegedly derived and translated by the CIA's Foreign Broadcast Information Service.).”

Andrew Stergiou
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