Tuesday, January 22, 2008



Regardless of the nature of Marxism and all that is said about Marxism, the
fact of the matter is that decades after the ascent of the “New Left”
constructed from a hodge-podge of pseudo Marxist philosophies that movement is
politically and philosophically bankrupt.

All those who over the last sixty years since the advent of the Cold War who
promised so much but delivered so little the fact that forums such as these is
a testament to those failures:

Failure in discussion, failure in conception, and most of all a failure
organizationally on the left most of all in America (the USA) where as part of
the COINTEL operations of the intelligence establishment there was a concerted
effort to encourage such failures .

Today the left suffers from what can be described as an identity crisis it is
neither what it has been characterized to be, nor what it has promised to be,
or become, and as such it must be asked for what purpose does the Socialist
Left currently exists in what is an old question.

As part of the left throughout the latter part of the 60s &70s and 80s there
has never been an accounting for what has been yes fostered by western
intelligence but yes allowed those who have been thought to have been anything
but traitors to the cause.

To my chagrin I have followed the twists and turns of the so called left, the
sophist rhetorical twists and turns:

Timothy Leary was discovered to be an informer for the F.B.I. (and perhaps the
C.I.A.); much like it became publicly known that George Orwell become (was) an
informer for the British Foreign Office; Jay Lovestone was expelled from the
AFL-CIO for being a C.I.A. agent; Elridge Cleaver became a fundamentalist
Christian, and a Republican; Huey P. Newton was an alcoholic and a drug
Elaine Brown complicit is such matters makes no mention of what has been
exposed as complicity; Jean-Christophe Mitterand, son of ex-President Francois
Mitterand -was found complicit arms dealing “and of failing to pay tens of
millions of dollars in taxes on profits from the Angola deals, legal or


Where the left has often become more of a cult of cults than either a mass
movement, or a vanguard movement, and where its policies have come to be
dictated from the safe confines of academia, slelect communities of relative
“progressive” natures, in what we are asked to support, without regard to
any recollection of history, so as to be doomed to repeat our failures so as
be at the beckon call of any two bit influence who deems it appropriate to
self-servingly manipulate such tendencies.

I am a socialist, and currently I am a member of the SPUSA, I have been
affiliated with organizations to the left of the SPUSA, but at this point
there is no mass based progressive, anarchist, socialist, or democratic, or
libertarian movement in America, and will never be one, unless and until such
time as we are freely able to choose and support one.

All other issues become almost irrelevant when the safety and well being of
family is concerned if we are under attack in our home we do not wander the
streets, and ramble to support each and every questionable person or issue, we
defend our homes and family!

I accuse the established left in the USA in particular of acting
inappropriately so as to prevent the proper functioning of those
members, and leaderships, by acting in a self-serving manner inconducive to
protection and defense of the working class, by abandonment of that working
class, for the sake of pursuing the opportunistic goals in support of
nationalism, sectarianism, dogmatism, elitism, demagoguery, un concert with
agents of the ruling class, the ideological basis of those betrayals being
founded in what has come to be known as Post-Marxism, Post-Industrialism,
deconstructionist, and which comes branded time and time again under many
to disguise the repetitive nature of such failures.

If one is to examine the resistance against oppression, one need not go far to
notice the slippery slope from which such ideologies and philosophy is
Yes there were many progressive non-Marxists, but once we deleted those
Marxist principles from out lexicon, the socialist becomes a Mussolini as well
as a Salvador Allende, Ralph Nader and Lydon Larouche, Malcolm X, W.E.B. Du
Bois as well as the Louis Farrakhan, Norman Thomas and Michael Harrington
become twisted into Hillary Clinton, Thurgood Marshall and Justice Thomas.

While those who call themselves leftist can cater to the anti-Semitism that
support Arab nationalism and fundamental Islam but supports the vilification
Jewish Nationalism, and Jewish rights to self-determination, as they adopt
corporate legal tactics and don’t offer any real reassurances of their
feasibility, sincerity, integrity, or veracity.

On the issue of Israel without indulging in the common “leftist” practice
of he said she said, they almost never address the issue with examination of
the use of funding by Arab states of the left. Though publicly Libya had
offered one billion dollars to some so called leftists, and we can only
what occurs in private that is not an issue. Why? Should we be expected to
support this cause and that cause as some leftist leadership are bought and
paid for? Where principles are sacrificed for political contingencies, and

I think not.

I write to you from the wilderness, of what was America’s industrial
heartland, from a blighted land whose blight extends throughout in many forms.
From what is now America’s rustbelt, where I am the only socialist I know of
within 50 miles, within an 80,000 people population base, the landscape is a
political wasteland and desert. Where the fear of police terror and spying is
pervasive, and freedom is but just another word, in what seems to have no
meaning here.

I can tell you that the policies of the past, have had little if any positive
affect here, as is the case in many other areas of the United States, outside
if the labor movement, (and that is dying) as what is presented is corrupted,
and or corruptible and must end.

For a democratic America, end the fascist terror now!

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