Saturday, January 26, 2008

What do the privileged offspring of celebrities and millionaires know about reality?

On another blog on this site here I came across another propaganda piece related to "Cuba":

Fabian's Hammer: Grandson of adventurer denounces failed revolution

In that questionable article on a questionable intelligence type of blog, a Mr. Marc Cooper is said to provide a valuable translation of synopsis that appeared, briefly, on in actuality the translation of such said translation at first glance is draw into question because of the limited context of what appears as purely an emotional outburst by not a celebrity, not the offspring of a celebrity, but the grandson of a celebrity whom we certainly have a right and obligation to examine.

Canek Sanchez Guevara allegedly states without context:

"The Cuban Revolution died some years ago: it had to be killed off by those who act in its name to make sure it didn’t turn against them; it was institutionalized and smothered by its own bureaucracy, by corruption, nepotism and the rigidity of the much-celebrated Cuban ‘revolutionary’ state.

All of my criticism of Fidel Castro come from his walking away from the ideals of liberty, from his betrayal of his own people and his frightening zeal to place the interests of the state above those of his people.

Let’s be honest, a young rebel like Fidel Castro in today’s Cuba wouldn’t be sent into exile. He’s be shot."


What do the privileged offspring of celebrities and millionaires know about reality?

Does Canek Sanchez Guevara live some lifestyle that is completely separate from the capitalist reality and its unbridled consumerism?

Does he live amongst the peasants of Chiapas? NO!
OF Bolivia? No!

No he is part and parcel of that intellectual elite that straddles the fence between heaven and hellat which he strikes out without guilt or confession of his complicity.

I am critical of western psuedo left here Canek Sanchez Guevara has joined embarassingly also Fidel's sister who was in the pay of I believe foreign intelligence making propaganda against Cuba.

Is Cuba perfect absolutely not are the criticism he makes things I would like to see corrected? He makes general assertions and so how can one comment.

I have watched the infiltration of US culture into Cuba via clips on youtube and else where and to tell you the trust if they were in the US they might be but ruffled but dead so much for sex drugs and rock and roll.

In the clips the complaint of rationale was that Cubans liked Latin conga music (eg salsa) better so the Hip Hoppers couldn't make money but that also in their naive view does not examine (not even examine) the extremely exploitative nature of the entertainment promotion field in the US where wrestling is entertainment and boxing the domain of monopolistic gangsters.

So who is Canek Sanchez Guevara kidding in presenting such a limited and narrow a perspective that I could not agree with if he paid me in that he use sentimentality in some attempt to influence people where they have nothing of what people in Cuba may take for granted who knows.
Maybe if Canek starts a revolution or even participates in one we would have reason to listen as such his words are empty and meaningless.

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