Wednesday, September 03, 2008

American Fascism - Police State Exposed

American Fascism - Police State Exposed

If one want to find a summary of all the pure lies and distortions the American have to endure in their day to day lives all one has to do is to chronicle Republican Party propaganda.

The Republican Party advertisements do not rise to the level of the Nazis of Hitler, nor those of the fascists and Mussolini but in essence perhaps they surpass them .

Where Barrack Obama stated at the Democratic Party convention that he would reduce taxes for 95% of the American people the Republican party advertisements for John McCain stated the complete opposite.

Where the George W Bush administration had come into office with the benefit of the country’s greatest surplus and without a deficit, and through mismanagement created the greatest deficit and had to borrow money from a long list of countries such as the Arabian States, China, Russia, and Mexico:

The John McCain Republican Party advertisements lie in claiming that the Democrats and Barrack Obama would create deficits and tax and spend policies when it is they the Republicans who they are talking about.

In issue after issue John McCain and the Republican Party must be made accountable for their lies and distortions in that they blame the Democrats, for what in actually the Republicans have done and put the nation at risk.

In the reality of the Republican Party, John McCain, and American Fascism and its police state was exposed not by some small cliché of petty bourgeois leftist intellectuals arguing as to exactly is fascism but by the very specific actions of right wingers truncheon batons, stun guns, tear gas, spies, provocateurs, lies and distortions.

Suppressing the protests of the democratic movement in the United States at the Republican Party Convention 2008 in St Paul Minnesota is merely another milestone in the reactionary history of the United State in repression that exists not by words but by very real action within time and space and reality.

Where the Republican Party is the main political party of reaction in the United States on the other hand they have received the generous assistance of the likes of Democrats like Joe Lieberman, and the lackluster acts of perhaps well meaning people like Al Gore, and John Kerry.

Where many of the leftist cliques that exist and control the left today are nothing more than PAPER TIGERS as Mao Tse Tung labeled them the right wing rules by default. Petty bourgeois intellectuals and their arguments are all well and good if only those were taken out of the physical material reality of time and space and placed solely with the realm of the intellect.

The long time progressive journalist Amy Goodman was thrown to the ground and arrested. Other journalists were arrested, and many people were arrested not for what they did, but preemptively for what they could do.

While the federal intelligence establishment spies online with both live online spies, and by high tech intrusions tapping people electronic online devices, as they like the Chinese security at the 2008 Beijing Olympics turn on devices that their owners shut off so as to tap those devices and more.

In a Tiananmen Square type crack down the St Paul Police


“anarchist group known as the RNC Welcoming Committee [supposed] had worked for months on strategies to disrupt the convention. Despite preemptive police searches over the weekend that resulted in six arrests, the group issued a statement Monday saying it was "moving forward with a national call to crash the convention."

But in reality the Republican party delegates and convention were said no to have been effected and such “anarchists” acted merely as provocateurs and dupes of the state.

While for the most Republican Party convention (like the Democratic Party convention) is merely a rubber stamp of an already choreographed script, hopefuls are partying drinking carrying on and yes fornicating within the St Paul, Minneapolis area conventioning while yet another hurricane reminiscent of the GW Bush mismanaged Katrina hurricane disaster threatens the American people and the world is yet in more turmoil.

While purportingly “supporting morality and family values”

“Republican John McCain, whose running mate disclosed that her unmarried 17-year-old daughter is pregnant”. McCain who “has opposed proposals to spend federal money on teen-pregnancy prevention programs and voted to require poor teen mothers to stay in school or lose their benefits.” Hypocritically McCain supports programs that would of made his running mate an unwed single mother who would also be a high school drop outs on one hand or lacking in their motherly duties and the Republican Party divides and splits hairs on the issues.

“Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's announcement Monday about her daughter, Bristol, was aimed at rebutting Internet rumors that Palin's youngest son, born in April, was actually her daughter's.”

Sadly the Republican Party does not represent the national interests of the American working class (nor of the American people) but the elite and its minions of dupes who are their slavish servants regardless of the issue, issues or truth of the matter.

Pathetically the Republican Party has acted once again in desperation dishonor and without ethics morality and principle except they jingoistic rhetoric in that they sin as sinners in their immorality 24/7 and then go to church as if supposedly that cleanses them makes them pure and justifies their actions.

They claim to be pro-life and pro-family but supporting the death penalty and policies that are to the detriment of families, working people, single mothers and children alike,

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