Wednesday, September 03, 2008

GOP Political Bankruptcy

GOP Political Bankruptcy

Carefully listening to speakers at the GOP convention with diligence and insight one is reminded every major scandal that has rocked the United States in the last forty years:

From Nixon, to Ford, to Reagan, Bush, GW Bush and John McCain.

One is reminded of the totally empty bankrupt promises of the Republican party, its demagogy, lies and distortions.

From Rudi Giuliani to McCain, Huckabee, Romney, there are no virtues in what for Republicans is an incestuous inside joke in their hate fest of ignorance and jingoism.

The Republican Party has long lost any proper basis of an American political party as they dictate in a one sided manner what is if it were all too serious nothing more than a joke in a travesty that should shame honest Republicans.

One has to ask that since they have so far succeeded based on lies and distortions then they will continue to do so. In hearing from Republican descriptions of doublespeak referring to a “liberal media” one is unsure as to they speak of the media in general or some specific portion of the media. Surely if the refer to the media in general one should wonder which country they are speaking of certainly not of the United States where the media has more and more consolidated under the umbrellas of giant billion dollar media corporations catering to the rich and a that has become corrupt under their leadership from top to bottom.

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